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5 Ideas for a BEAR-y Merry Teddy Bear Picnic

July 10, 2018 540 Views

It’s a lovely day for a Teddy Bear Picnic! And it’s so easy to throw your own—all you need is a blanket, books, snacks, and, of course, your favorite snuggly friend.

Take your teddy bear on a trip to the nearest park or spread out in your own yard for some fun in the sun. No matter where you are, these ideas are sure to make your Teddy Bear Picnic the best one ever!

Summer Reading Challenge + Downloadable Checklist

June 19, 2018 2116 Views

Educators, parents, and medical experts agree: reading is a key part of a child's development. We know we should read, but why do we love to? Let us count the ways...

Quiz: Which Potty Training Strategy is Best for Your Child?

June 18, 2018 1457 Views

If all children learn best through play, your child learns best through her favorite kind of play. Some children are happiest in wide open spaces while others could play contentedly in a cozy corner. Some children get lost in pretend activities while others want to take apart real objects and see how they work. You want to pick playful potty strategies based on your child’s genuine interests and personality. Take our quiz to find out what kind of strategy will work best for YOUR child!

7 Ways to Make a Happy Potty Place for Your Child

June 11, 2018 1052 Views

Some kids can potty anywhere, any time. But others can be intimidated by using the bathroom and all of the big expectations that go along with it. If you create a positive environment, you can help your little one feel at ease testing her early potty skills. Check out our blog for simple and fun ideas on how to make your child’s potty place a happy place!

Creating a Child-Centered Potty Training Experience

May 31, 2018 562 Views

If you look at potty training from your child’s perspective, you can approach potty training as just one of many childhood adventures. Your child wants to believe she is capable and smart, and she wants to have fun. Yes, potty training has its challenges. But challenges become opportunities when you focus on making this a positive experience for your child. They are opportunities for learning, opportunities for creativity, and opportunities for building a strong, supportive relationship.