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Build Your Own Elf Trap: The Gingersnap 400

November 16, 2018 148 Views

Christmas is almost here, which means that Santa and his cleverest elf will soon be on their way to your house! Could this be the year you finally see them in person? You’ll have to be smart and quick, but the plan is all laid out. Santa and his helpers can't resist candy canes and gum drops, so just follow the instructions for The Gingersnap 400, and you might be the first to catch an elf!

Celebrate Your Child’s Self-Expression This Halloween

September 10, 2018 1374 Views

Halloween inspires kids to exercise their creativity and imagination. Encourage your kiddo to explore different identities in the safe environment this holiday provides. After all, on October 31st, everyone is pretending to be someone (or something) they’re not!

3 Outdoor Family Activities for Fall

September 5, 2018 4961 Views

The days are shorter, the nights are cooler, and the leaves are starting to change: fall is coming! Before the weather goes from crisp to cold, treat your family to some quality time outdoors. Being outside is a fun, refreshing way to relieve stress and bond as a family. Here are some activities you and your little ones can do together.

The Shark Lady Who Dared to Dive, Defy, Discover, and Inspire

August 16, 2018 426 Views

Sharks are fascinating animals—we even dedicate an entire week per year to them! Do you know a child who’s as obsessed with them as Eugenie Clark? Fondly known as "Shark Lady," she was a pioneer in ocean conservation and shark research who dedicated her life to educating people about these misunderstood creatures.

6 Reasons Aunts and Uncles are the Best

July 26, 2018 340 Views

Every year we celebrate moms and dads, honoring them on their own special days—and we should! Parents are incredible. But what about those other grown-ups who are an important part of our children’s lives? Whether or not they’re parents themselves, aunts and uncles are a special part of our families, so here are 6 reasons they’re the best!